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For Normal to Dry and Sensitive Skin

Known as one of the best “super-fruits” by having very high levels of phytochemicals and antioxidants, blackberries have a very unique structure that contributes to their nutritional value. They are as good source of Vitamin A, Calcium, and Potassium and among the highest fiber content plants known! Blackberries’ powerful anti-oxidant benefits make them an ideal skin care regimen for most skin types – especially sensitive skin. Adding the powerful benefits of the Pure Blackberry Moisturizer to your daily skin care regimen will calm, soften, and regenerate your skin.


  • Hydrates and nourishes skin
  • Helps fight against free radicals and regenerates the skin
  • Calms sensitive skin and helps combat signs of aging
  • Helps improve skin tone
  • High in bioflavonoids, which enrich and moisturize skin

Active Ingredients: Organic Blackberry Extract, Organic Blackberry Oil, Organic Rubus Occidentalis Fruit Extract, Organic Laminaria Digitata Extract, Organic Morinda Citrifolia Extract.

Shir-Organic Pure Blackberry Moisturizer

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